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Will be featured in Roanoke County's Explore Park
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Don's Cab-inns
Arched Cab-Inn frame
arched cabin frame

Front porch of Camp Cab-Inn

Long term rental Cab-Inn

Inside Camp Cab-Inn

Rustic  one bedroom cabins with loft.
Over 500 sq. ft.  of  functional living space. Located  in Vinton, VA
Anything from trusses only to everything you need to "dry in " your Cab-Inn!
Camp Cab-Inns
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Arched Cab-Inn features signature round window, unique spiral
staircase and many custom features.
Cab-Inn kits not in production at this time

Don's Cab-Inns are located in Vinton, VA and have developed from the idea of wanting to create housing that is cost effective, efficient and easy to build. They were designed to be owner built but anyone can have them built with the help of a contractor.

 * These Cab-Inns can be used for anything from simple uninsulated open stuctures for shops or garages to fully enclosed and insulated small and efficient dream homes.

* Since the walls and roof are all self- supporting, the interior can be finished according to the owner's personal preferences. (No load supporting interior walls are required.)

 * These Cab-Inns can be placed on any kind of foundation that you provide. We prefer a conrete slab foundation housing radiant hot water heat tubing (Pex) to provide a consistant, economical, easily- installed heat source.

 * We can provide minimal insulation; but, these Cab-Inns can easily be insulated by the owner/builder or contractor. Unlike some thin- walled "metal framed" buildings, our Cab-Inn walls are 6 1/2" thick and allow for ample insulation. Spray foam insulation works very well.  We  have also used compact fill cellulose with great results. Other benifits to our 6 1/2" thick laminated wood ribs/struts are that the metal roofing and interior finishes can easily be attached using screws or nails. Wood is an insulator  and does not conduct heat or cold as do metal ribs/struts. (This makes for a warmer or cooler interior.) Finally, the open spaces between spacer blocks make running electrical and plumbing easy.

 * Cab-Inns come in many colors with no "up charge" for different colors ( see color chart on kit page).

 * To place an order, go to "Cab-Inns Kit" page for ordering information.