Cab-Inn Kits
Can also be used for a greenhouse, storage building, garage, shop, camp, barn, ect....

Kits are temporarily out of production at this time.

arched cabin frame
Pricing Matrix
Trusses Only

If you want a building 16' wide and 16' long, (Tall building15.5'), you will need 5 sets of trusses.
Each truss spaced 4'apart.

*If you want a building 12' wide and 12' long, (Tall building14.5'), you will need 4 sets of trusses.
Each truss spaced 4' apart
*Same size building in "complete" package with 6' loft and end caps:
2X$600=$1,200= $3,210

  1. Width of Cab-Inn
    Price per Truss set
  2. 16' Tall=15.5'
    Rival Team
  3. 16' Short=11.5'
    Rival Team
  4. 14' Tall=15'
    Rival Team
  5. 14' Short=11'
    Rival Team
  6. 12' Tall=14.5'
    Rival Team
  7. 12' Short=10.5'
    Rival Team
  8. 8' Tall=13.5'
    Rival Team
  9. 8' Short=9.5'
    Rival Team
Pricing Matrix
Complete Package
  1. width of Cab-Inn
    Cab-Inn Kits/ Sleeping Linear Foot Nook/Loft
    End Caps
    Loft/Sleeping nook
  2. 8' Tall=13.5'
    $400 each
  3. 8' Short=9.5
    $300 each
  4. 12' Tall=14.5'
    $140/Lf. $55/LF.
    $600 each
  5. 12' Short=10.5'
    $500 each
  6. 14' Tall=15'
    $160/Lf. $65/LF.
    $700 each
  7. 14' Short=11'
    $600 each
  8. 16' Tall=15.5'
    $180/Lf. $80/LF.
    $900 each
  9. 16' Short=11.5'
    $160/Lf. $80/LF.
    $800 each
Metal Roofing Color Chart

This color chart is for reference only. The color of the final product may vary.

*Cab-Inn Kits include: trusses (trusses are set 4' on center), ridge beam, seal plate and metal roofing to cover from top to bottom. (many colors to choose from, see color chart).
*Tall Cab-Inns have 4' of straight wall before the Arch starts. This straight wall portion can be covered with any other type of vertical siding (log, stone, brick, etc...Which is an option and not part of the kit). 

*Loft kits include: support beams and 2X6 T&G decking to cover the entire width and depth of the loft (does not include railing or ladder).
*End Caps include: Prebuilt sections that will enclose the end of your Cab-Inn using 2x6 studs, and OSB sheeting (does not enclude windows, doors or finish siding).
12'(Tall) Cab-Inn 24' long with 8' loft and two enclosed ends.
(Cab-Inn = $140X24' = $3,360) + (Loft = $55X8'= $440) + (End caps (2 @ $600 = $1,200)): 
Total = $5,000

Custom  Features

spiral staircase

Spiral Staircases
and ladders.

Hand Crafed and Built to Order

arched cabin spiral staircase

Live Edge & standard Counter Tops and Tables

     Hand Crafted and Built to Order

custom counter top

Ordering Information

Shipping --  $2.00/mile from zip code 24179 up to 400 miles with a minimum of $100.
Anything over 400 miles additional expenses may apply.

* To order call (540) 206-6768 or email:        [email protected]
*Include the following information:
   Size: (Ribs/struts only); (Complete package); (loft kit - railing and ladder not included); (end caps- doors,  windows and external finishes not included). 
*If you need delivery, provide your  zip code.
*Contact information including: email address, telephone number, address for delivery (be sure to include zip code) and expected build date.
* Payment due is 50% at order and 50% before shipping or pickup. We do not provide financing.
* Technical drawings can be provided at $150/set and will be deducted from your first Cab-Inn payment  when  it is ordered.
* Cancellations for any reason after the order date will be charged  a 15% restocking fee. Kits are made to order and will be manufactured on a first ordered priority.